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Maddie Adams triangle pose assistEveryone experiences periods of stress, physical injury, or life events that can throw us out of balance and into suffering. Yoga therapy is a holistic approach that uses the tools and practices of yoga and ayurveda tailored to an individual’s needs to help bring them back into the sense of wholeness and vitality that is innate to all of us and relieve suffering at the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.The practice of yoga has historically always been used for this purpose: to heal trauma, either physical or psychological, and help bring us back into our natural state of balance and well-being.

BecauseIMG_1492 the study of yoga is both broad and ancient, there are many different techniques or tools that can be applied to a variety of health conditions, both physical and mental. These may include traditional yoga poses and breathing exercises, but might also include mindfulness practices, ayurvedic practices, or specific applications of traditional yoga philosophy. Yoga therapy can be an effective practice by itself, but also works well when combined with other modalities to help affect healing at multiple levels. Sessions are usually one hour and might cover a variety of topics, depending on what you as the client need. If you are already receiving care from other providers, a collaborative approach can often add to the efficacy of sessions.


If you are interested in booking a session or just getting more information about how yoga therapy might be helpful, please call the studio today and set a time to come see Maddie.