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turtle-smCome out of your shell and find your place here at Turtles Yoga!

“Escape to the things you love” – Kimberly Armstrong

I fell in love with Turtles while growing up on the beaches and surfing in my home town of Solana Beach, California. I have always had a deep connection, respect and passion for the planetary elements and nature.  I was introduced to yoga in a “hot room” over 20 years ago in a small studio in Encinitas, California. After a terrible life threatening injury, with the combination of yoga, meditation, and being “in the water,” I was able to fully recover. I will always be eternally grateful for the healing from yoga and my connection to nature, spirit & water. 

Almost seems like I washed ashore on the beaches of Oregon in 2007, wow – much colder water to surf, and found myself here in Portland in 2009, after returning to college and continuing my studies towards my Master’s Degree in Business. In creating Turtles Yoga & Wellness, my wish was to offer the tools to navigate through this busy life in which we live.  I have humbly been graced with the private invitations, teachings and collaborations from many Healers on this planet and currently working towards a stronger connection within Turtles Yoga & Wellness.

We all hold ourselves inside and no-one knows us better than we know our selves. Hence, The Turtle. No matter how fast you want to go in life, rush it along or take your time either way you will get to the finish line and you take your story- “All the good stuff is in the inside” with you.

I created the saying, “Escape to the things you love” because I found myself living a busy life and for myself, I needed to go back to the things I loved the most.  Exploring the outdoors, escaping from gizmos & gadgets of technology and gravitating to the things I loved to do and the people I love to be around.  I encourage you to do the same, gravitate to the things you love. We only have one life, “one shell” and no-one knows us better than we know ourselves.  Like the Turtle, one must be sustainable to keep a healthy life and let go of the things which are no-longer serving them. So, you will see “Escape to the things you love” in the studio and in various places with Turtles Yoga.

Our philosophy we engage in is, Your religion is between you and your mat, therefore I have created the space with a one of a kind salt water fish tank and other fresh water tanks, willows from the Columbia Gorge and various art which people have gifted to us since we opened. You will also find various Turtle pieces everywhere in the studio from our members who have shared these gifts from their travels. You are always welcome to share with us too. 

Turtles Yoga & Wellness is a studio for you to enjoy, participate and share with your friends. You are invited anytime and we are excited to meet you and be part of your Turtles story! Funny thing is a lot of people I meet along the way, always seem to have a Turtles Story. So therefore, in creating Turtles, I share my story with you and look forward to hearing yours….


  • If you’re going to take a piece of life, make sure you take a piece of Portland Fruit. Thank you for providing Turtles Yoga and Wellness with the freshest, delicious whole fruit selections. Every member has a piece of your greatness and service from us, with every bite of fruit they take.
  • Allow your imagination to be captivated by our beautiful fish tank brought to you by The World of Wet Pets located in Raleigh Hills. The World of Wet Pets is the best place to bring fish into your life. The extensive knowledge and friendly service will make owning a fish tank a great experience.
  • My heart overflows with the generosity and gratitude to my friends, who radiate passion and talent with their enthusiasm, bringing extraordinary amounts of knowledge and experience, along with late night phone calls, Thank you!
  • And to all of our employees and instructors who have given their time, experience, hard work, advice and excellence to the studio. The studio would not be here without all of you and Turtles Yoga is truly blessed to have such a talented group of individuals here to offer their training and knowledge to the world.


  • And most of all, Thank you to my all my Family, Friends, Four-legged friends, Ancestors and God-Creator for listening to my prayers and who have been there for me and nourished the vision of Turtles… You are all such a magical wonderful part of my life and story. I am truly grateful and blessed. Thank you with all my heart.

There are over 465 ways to say, Thank you.  Here are a few…     Thank you, Ose, Mahalo and Gratitude in Closing Amen, Sat Nam, Namaste, Aho

me-Kimberly Armstrong – Founder



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This is just the beginning of another amazing chapter in our story!