Turtles Yoga & Wellness believes there is more than just one road to wellness. We support and offer a holistic approach to health and wellness and believe this is where true transformations will begin.

Our passion is to help people be healthy in the body and mind. We love what we do, and it shows! You will be encouraged, challenged, and supported, in a non-judgmental environment. All of our Trainers and Instructors are professionally trained and certified.

We look forward to seeing you in class!

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Your Turtles Team

Kimberly Armstrong,

CEO/Founder & Public Relations

Kimberly Armstrong is a certified Kundalini Yoga, 200 RYT Instructor, Kids Yoga Instructor and Wellness Business Consultant. She has worked over a decade in Five Star-Four Seasons Resorts along with extensive experience in Sales and Advertising-Media for over 20 years. Kimberly moved to Oregon in 2007 from San Diego, after living and traveling to many places, she is native to Earth!

Kimberly enjoys life with her family, friends and loves exploring the world around her! She is eternally grateful for the many years of healing from yoga and her connection to nature, spirit & water. You will find her fascination love affair with Energy, however after seeing all the fish tanks in Turtles, you will see her love for Water! With a last name Armstrong, being partial to the Moon, Planets & the Elements, you will find she is truly connected on many levels.

Kimberly’s passion comes from connecting people, businesses, and communities together by wellness, fun, and sustainable choices. She has created unique ways to navigate your life in a healthy dynamic space through yoga, the design of planetary elements and sound.

You are invited anytime and Kimberly is always excited to meet you and be part of your Turtles story! Come out of your shell and visit with us and find your place here at Turtles Yoga!   “Escape to the things you love” – Kimberly Armstrong

certified health coach kari rouse

Kari Rouse

Wellness Director

Kari Rouse has a background in Business Administration and Management. She has dabbled in yoga over the years starting in college. Kari turned her life upside down in 2012 when she went back to school for Health Coaching, became a marathon runner, and incorporated essential oils into her lifestyle.

The pursuit of knowledge has always been a key component in her daily life, but being able to turn that around and teach people how to elevate their lives to the next level has become her true passion. As a new Mom, she looks forward to raising a strong, independent, and healthy daughter.

Flexibility and Adaptation are key elements in the practice of yoga and in how we journey through life. At Turtles Yoga & Wellness Kari looks forward to creating a cohesive and immersive yoga experience from the moment you step through the door. Implementing a whole-body wellness approach will help each member reach their goals, thus elevating the vibration of the entire studio.