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Mission Statement

Turtles Yoga & Wellness celebrates Wellness, Fun and Sustainability by inspiring each other and our community by promoting each other’s passions, creativity, and stories while exploring all that life has to offer through a holistic viewpoint of yoga and wellness.

Our 11 Core Values

  • Customer Service: Our passion puts the focus on our members and the community’s needs. We are dedicated in higher levels of service to our members through openness, collaboration, and communication.
  • Respect: We believe in the holistic viewpoint of connectivity that we are all connected to each other and our communities as well as the earth and Mother Nature. With this belief, we have a strong adherence to respect all people, communities, and the earth.
  • Teamwork: Communication and Teamwork are the core of our success. We created this yoga and wellness studio in an effort to build a sense of family and community with a connection between Turtles Yoga, yourself, your friends and community. We are the catalyst to move you to the next level in yoga, awareness, and personal wellness growth and success.
  • Honesty: We are compassionate about getting to know our members and their yoga and wellness needs. Holding a level of professionalism followed by a sense of humor. The ingredients to our foundation is built on trust, perseverance, and faith. We embrace our integrity by navigating through hard work by listening and bringing you the best value to your wellness lifestyle a success.
  • Partnership: Bridging lifelong relationships with our members and community is essential to our values. We are delighted to invite you on this amazing journey with us by collaborating our common passions, goals and stories.
  • Play: We believe everyone needs time to play in life and celebrate the good things in life and what life has to offer! We love to have fun and will continue to grow and change with the times to bring our members the best of us to YOU!
  • Grateful: We are grateful to share this invitation with friends, colleagues, and business acquaintances by the ability to enrich our connections and “Escaping to the things you love” Turtles is grateful and dedicated to YOU!
  • Discipline: We hold ourselves accountable and cutting corners is not an option.
  • Cleanliness: Simple. This is a must! We take pride here at Turtles in creating a clean, healthy, non-toxic environment on all levels.
  • Perseverance: We are here and created an amazing team with drive, determination, diligence and dedication by being a positive influence here in the Beaverton Community and our footprint on this planet for the long term.
  • Peace, Harmony & Balance: Like the Turtle, Our shells are our lives and the importance of creating balance, peace and harmony within ourselves and our outside worlds in the importance of a healthy lifestyle and experience.