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We welcome you to Turtles Yoga & Wellness


We believe through yoga, Pilates, fitness classes and with the healing components of water and the elements you will find “All the good stuff is inside.” 

Turtles Yoga & Wellness is about Beauty, Harmony, Balance and Wellness. We honor the sacred elements of this beautiful earth and give thanks to the waters on our land. 

Turtles was created with you in mind! Turtles is you! Every person is a turtle-for we only have one shell, one life, one breath, one beat, and one experience at a time. We must remember to be in balance with our internal selves and find harmony in the beauty around us externally by “Escaping to the things you love” and honoring life. As a Turtle we must keep in balance by catering to the essential needs of our being, mind, body and our essence.

We live such busy lives and here at Turtles Yoga & Wellness, we ask you to slow down and detach from the technology, gizmos and gadgets of the world and connect to your inner core, your breath, all the elements and the signature water print you have within. We look forward to having you explore this one-of-a-kind space and excited to be part of your Turtles Story!

What exactly is inside…

  • 4 private studios (fire, earth, air, water)
  • Heated Salt Water – Jr. Olympic Pool
  • Aerial Yoga Studio
  • Ayruvedic Yoga Training
  • On-tap cold SOMA Kombucha 
  • Complimentary Organic Tea
  • Community Book Exchange 
  • 500 gal salt tank built by the show “Tanked”
  • 3,400 sq foot Event Space for private venues, teachings and FUN! (coming this summer)
  • His & Her Private Lockers, Showers, & Saunas
  • Private Yoga & Pilates Personal Training
  • Native American workshops
  • Workshop Space to offer private teachings and community enrichment
  • Private Entry with plenty of free parking





Our team here is bending over backwards and love making your experience here AMAZING. The year is flying by fast and has been nothing short of dynamic! As we continue to navigate in our busy worlds with work, family, friends, and as my dear friend would say “moving through our stuff!” We are so honored to embrace you with peace, happiness and prosperity. We Thank you to YOU and support you in your goals towards self care, exploring all the various modalities in yoga we offer and indulging in our heated salt water pool. Create new experiences. You are in great company here at the studio while meeting genuine people and developing conversations with new and old friends here at Turtles. 



If you do anything on your 2017 bucket list- You have to take an Aerial Yoga Class.

Take your first class. Feel the antigravity experience of your body held in silk as you are guided by a professional yoga instructor. These silks are able to hold up to 300 lbs and you are safe. You will smile. You will cry with joy. You will laugh. You will breathe. You will come back, because this experience is unlike anything you have ever experienced. Be prepared to have understand your body, movement and relax…. Spoil your body, release your stress here and simply experience something new! Sign up today- We promise you, you will fall in love with Aerial.

We love to see you here, our instructors look forward to helping you in your yoga practice and if you do not have a yoga practice, come in and let’s take this slow and steady, like the Turtle. And yes these were installed by a professional engineer and are able to hold our amazing bodies of any size! And men, please sign up- we find men love the class and find themselves relaxed and refreshed from this new experience. Besides, where else are you able to be wrapped in silk, have your instructor sing to you and allow your cortisol to completely diminish. (even if for a brief moment!)

Purchase your Membership TODAY!  



Turtles Yoga and Wellness is about Longevity, Sustainability, Fun, Care-free, Explorers of our planet which leads to long term success in life, in yourself, and in the world.

The turtle is represented in many countries, cultures and religions and has various meanings. You will not find any statues of religious denominations here at the studio, Turtles supports all religious choices and believes the connection between you and Spirit, Creator, GOD, Great Mystery, The ONE, the name you chose, is a private connection and between you and your mat. Here at Turtles, we only create the environment for you to experience and have fun.

We all hold ourselves inside and no-one knows us better than we know our selves and no matter how fast you want to go in life, rush it along or take your time either way you will get to the finish line and you take your story with you!  Hence the Turtle — one must be sustainable like the Turtle in order to survive and thrive. We have one shell, one body here in this life and with Turtles we hope you “Escape to the things you love!”